EASTWAYCHEM founded in 2013 with decision of XIAMEN TOPUSING , is headqurtered in Antalya /TURKEY . The establishing aim of company was to give best service to customers in Turkey , Middleeast and Europe .And the company was founded for to be part of XIAMEN TOPUSING World wide organization .

Based on its powerful technical support and efficient consulting team, EASTWAYCHEM is able to provide single soluble fertilizer, fully soluble NPK, microelements, liquid fertilizers, organic fertilizers, compound NPK and plant growth regulators. It also provides made-to-order service to design and produces fertilizer to suit customers’ exact needs.

With our high capability agricultural engineers and experinced foreign trade department , we as a EASTWAYCHEM team are always ready to give best service to our esteemed partners .

Based on the powerful technical support and professional consulting team, Topusing is able to provide top quality special fertilizers and plant growth regulators. We also provide made-to-order service to design and produce fertilizer to suit customers’ exact needs. We are proud to have a team of experienced, expert and dedicated professionals who work in close-coordination with each other to bring forth an exclusive and extensive range of high-yielding fertilizers. They are engaged in extensive research and development and come with the exceptional product delivery whİch are perfectly proportional with constitutional elements to come up with growth enhancing products.

To bring the world together as one through solid and honest global trade, to deliver topquality products and services at the most reasonable prices possible. To make sure that our customers are absolutely satisfied with our services every time. The surest path to success is one where others walk with you. Let’s depend on one another to make the world a better place. We are dedicated professionals who strive to build long-term relationships with our clients.