Eastwaychem Liquid Fertilizers

Eastwaychem Liquid fertilizers are made from high purity raw materials, it’s suitable for fertigation and foliar application, the nutrients can be quickly absorbed by plants, also very convenient to use.

Plantazin LColorless transparent liquidZn 11%

Product Appearance Main Specification
Plantabor L Golden transparent liquid B 10%
Plantacal  L Green transparent liquid Ca 16%
Plantaphos PK/Cu/Zn/Mn/Mg/B Dark blue liquid 0-30-20/Cu4 /Zn10/Mn7/MgO7/B3
Planta Ferro L(EDTA) Dark red liquid Fe 6%
Planta Ferro L(DTPA )
Dark red liquid Fe 6%
Plantaman L Pink transparent liquid Mn 11%
Plantazin L Colorless transparent liquid Zn 11%
Planta K L transparent liquid K20 30%
Plantacolor Red transparent liquid
Plantastim Borozin L Colorless transparent liquid Zn 5%, B 5%
Planta Boraca Yellow transparent liquid CaO 10%, B 3%
Planta Trio Colorless transparent liquid CaO 10%, MgO 5%, Mo 0.07%
Planta Ocean Black liquid Seaweed 30%, Amino acid 10%
Plantalga Runner Black liquid Organic materials 12.5%, Seaweed 1.5%, N 10%
Planta Up Brown liquid Organic materials 13.9%, Amino acid 15.5%, N 11%
Plantadrip NPK 6-12-18+TE Green transparent liquid N 6%, P2O5 12%, K2O 18%
Plantastim Folica Yellow liquid AATC 7,5%,Folic Acid 0,15%